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  • Rose seedlings can be propagated by cuttings. Generally, cuttings are more suitable in spring and autumn, and the weather is easier to survive. Choose good cuttings on ro

  • Verbena officinalis often appears as a complete sea of ​​flowers. Many people who are not familiar with this plant regard it as lavender. In fact, Verbena is not a very s

  • With the progress of our society, the development of national economy and the improvement of national quality, environmental greening is a long-term topic that can only b

  • Today, a flower friend live-streamed the process of checking the root system of rose seedlings. That scene is really indescribable. The reason for opening the root of thi

  • Verbena officinalis, mostly purple or fuchsia, was originally grown in Europe, preferring to grow in higher altitude areas. The whole grass is used for medicine. It is co

  • The willow verbena flower sea has been doing many ecological landscape projects in recent years. As a perennial root plant, it has at least two large-scale flowering peri

  • With the development of tourism, the Huahai landscape is widely used in major scenic spots, driving the economic development of the scenic spot and driving passenger flow

  • Dianthus caryophyllus, also known as Dianthus caryophyllus, is a perennial herbaceous plant and flower of the Dianthus family Dianthus, which originated in the Siberian a

  • Verbena officinalis is now widely distributed in China due to its strong adaptability to the environment. It usually blooms in the late 7 month, and the flowering period

  • There are many kinds of propagation methods of Ou Dianthus. Now Qingzhou Houtu Flower Seedlings Co., Ltd. will first take you to understand one of the methods. The propag

  • ① Ornamental grass flower three-dimensional courtyard. The residential area of ​​the city is getting smaller and smaller. Using limited space to configure the grass and f

  • The rose seedlings are very strong and grow rapidly, climbing on the stem with hooks or vines. Cultivated throughout China, Nanyang, Henan is more concentrated and cold-r

  • This holly tree stands there very old. If it were not for setting a daily plant study target this year, it would be considered to have noticed its fruit and its tree shap

  • "Scenery is elsewhere", is this a routine? In our daily life, we would rather travel thousands of miles and wind and dust to go sightseeing elsewhere, and are less willin

  • A few days ago, my classmates who went to Japan to play back sent a photo. The photo shows a huge sea of ​​red cherry blossoms at the foot of Mount Fuji, which looks spec

  • The editor will introduce the growth habits and planting techniques of Zhiying seedlings, so as to provide a reference for the friends of Huahai. Speaking of the history

  • Hedgerow seedlings are a common way of landscaping in green gardens and have a long history of application. Shaped hedges originated in China, and shaped hedges originate

  • Generally, there are the following categories: 1. Plant pruning at the seedling stage, which is used as a mat for planting ideal seedling type. 2 Plant transplanting an

  • The breeding details of the rose are very important, as far as buying seedlings is concerned. I believe that many flower friends may buy rose seedlings online more than o

  • Hedgerow seedlings are sprouting, branching, and pruning resistant trees, and the reel sets are planted in bands. There are many plants that can cooperate with hedgerows,

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