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Flowering and planting of willow verbena

Verbena officinalis is now widely distributed in China due to its strong adaptability to the environment. It usually blooms in the late 7 month, and the flowering period can last about a month. Of course, flowering time will also be affected by many factors, but in most cases it will bloom in 7 month.

  1, site preparation

Before planting the seeds, the grower needs the local grower to clean up the weeds in the soil environment to prevent the weeds from competing with the willow verbena for nutrients. In addition, the grower also needs to dig the soil deeply so that the soil can Full contact with air will help increase the germination rate of seeds. If the soil environment can not meet the growth requirements, then the growers also need to improve through manual measures.

  2, sowing

Seeds are suitable for germination in the environment of 20 degrees to 25 degrees, so growers generally choose spring or autumn to plant seeds. As long as everyone uses the right method to sow, it will germinate and emerge in about 10 days, and the germination rate is generally up to 85%.

  3, function value

Verbena officinalis is magnificent when it blooms, its flowers are small and lush, the flowers are very bright, and it is a good ornamental plant. It also has good medicinal value, its whole grass can be used as a medicinal material

Summary: It is a plant worthy of everyone's planting, its value is relatively large, and the cost of planting is relatively low. If you are interested in planting it, you can learn more about its planting method.