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  • Stump rose

    Stump rose

    Refers to the artificial gardening method to grow the rose into a single tree type with a stem and crown and a tree-like...
  • Euromoon Rose

    Euromoon Rose

    I think everyone knows the rose, which symbolizes love, and it has a wide variety, beautiful flowers and diverse appeara...
  • Fenghua Rose

    Fenghua Rose

    It is a perennial herbaceous plant belonging to the family Rosaceae. It blooms many times a year, and its flowers are co...
  • Big rose

    Big rose

    Also known as perfume rose, strong rose, ornamental rose, etc., it is a plant of the genus Rosaceae, with strong and bea...
  • Five color grass

    Five color grass

    Like a butterfly dancing in the air, a neon flashes in the forest! The leaves of this plant are delicate and colorful, n...
  • Gold leaf privet

    Gold leaf privet

    Also known as the ash tree, it is the evergreen tree of the ostrichaceae privet, commonly used ornamental trees, also kn...
  • Lime grass

    Lime grass

    If you are a novice to grow flowers and want to burst the pot, then do n’t miss this article. Today ’s editor introduces...
  • Malachite


    Also known as small marigold, bayberry chrysanthemum, stink chrysanthemum, red yellow grass, it is an annual herbaceous ...
  • Buxus lobata

    Buxus lobata

    It is an evergreen shrub of the boxwood family, and it likes a warm, humid climate and avoids dry wind. It has strong co...
  • Xiaolongbai


    It is a small evergreen shrub. Its branches extend spirally and curve upwards, like a panlong posture. It has strong ada...
  • Cyclamen


    In winter, it can be regarded as the dominant flowering, that is, like the cold environment of autumn and winter, the co...
  • Poinsettia


    It is a euphorbia plant of the Euphorbiaceae family, a kind of color-changing foliage plant native to the Taxco region o...
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