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Cyclamen can be regarded as the dominant flowering in winter, that is, like the cold environment of autumn and winter, the cooler the flower, the easier it is to grow, and the better it is to raise. And the flowering period of flowering can reach more than half a year, with flowers blooming and blooming, just like a group of fairies dancing on the leaves, very beautiful. There are many colors, there are big flowers and small flowers, the flowers are very charming. So what are you afraid of raising?

  1. Fear of stagnant water

In fact, not only cyclamen, other potted plants are afraid of stagnant water. Excessive watering can easily damage the root system and cause rotten roots. But it is very scared. It has a big root at the bottom. Its root can store water and nutrients, and it is very afraid of stagnant water. However, it has a lot of leaves, a lot of flowers, and needs too much water, so it is also afraid of dryness. When watering, you can put a tray with water from the bottom, and use the watering method of the immersion pot to wash the water from the bottom to avoid excessive watering on the roots to cause rotting. After watering, put it in a well-ventilated place. Dry the potted soil as much as possible. Next time, wait until the leaves are soft and wilted.

  2. Fear of summer

Extremely afraid of heat, general bulbous plants are afraid of heat, like cold environment. The temperature rose to thirty-two or three degrees, and its entire ground part turned yellow, entering a state of severe dormancy. At this time, it should be placed in a cold place, do not care about it, do not water. After the dormant period in summer, it will grow naturally in autumn.

  3. Fear of soil compaction

The root is fleshy and has a large root. They like to loosen the soil with better air permeability and avoid hard soil to wrap the root system and roots. The soil should be rot leaf soil with good permeability plus granular soil. Don't plant directly with natural soil, otherwise it is easy to accumulate roots or not grow all year round

  4. Fear of exposure

Cyclamen likes a half-shady environment and is afraid of exposure. Usually, two to three hours of light can also grow and bloom normally. If the light is too strong. The nutrient supply at the bottom is not enough, the leaves and flowers are numbed, and the sun burns after a long time. Don't lose light for a long time, and you won't bloom if you don't see light for a long time. It can be irradiated with two to three hours of light or three or four hours of light every day. Do not over-illuminate too easily and it will easily cause flowers not to appear under the leaves.

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