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The small dragon cypress is a small evergreen shrub. Its branches extend spirally and curve upwards, like a panlong posture, and have strong adaptability, good resistance and pruning resistance, and are particularly suitable for garden color blocks.

The main reason for the dry and dead of the cypress cypress is caused by the cypress leaf blight. The cypress leaf blight mainly harms the scale leaves and green shoots. Source of initial infection. In the early stage of the disease, the scale leaves changed from green to yellow-green, dull, and turned yellow, causing the scales to fall prematurely.

Planting density: During the construction period, due to the focus on the effect, the planting density of the color block is too large. After several years of growth, it has covered the ground. The light transmission, ventilation, and ventilation are poor. Too big is always repeated.

Fertilizer and water management: Although Xiaolongbai is highly resistant, because the city is located in saline-alkali, unscientific watering and fertilization make the soil surface bulk density high and the compaction sticky, which leads to the decline of soil fertility year by year and cannot meet the needs of normal growth. Resistance is weakened, increasing the propagation and infection of pathogenic bacteria.

Mechanical trimming 0010010 nbsp; Irregular mechanical trimming is also one of the causes of the disease. The high temperature generated by mechanical pruning can easily burn young branches and leaves, especially in spring pruning. If the wound is not treated in time, it may cause pathogenic bacteria to invade. The machine cannot be disinfected after use, and it can also cause cross infection of pathogenic bacteria.

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