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Buxus lobata
Buxus lobata

Buxus microphylla is an evergreen shrub of the Buxus family Buxus, preferring warm, humid climate, avoid dry wind. It has strong cold resistance, can withstand low temperatures of -10 degrees Celsius, and is quite resistant to heat. It has strong adaptability to light and likes half shade. But it is also resistant to shade and direct sunlight. The requirements for soil are high, the fertilization effect lasts for a long time, and the forest soil is loose in texture, but it also grows well in the rock gaps of streams. Strong alkali resistance. The germination is strong, resistant to pruning and tie-shaped. The root system is developed, more resistant to water and humidity, and quite resistant to drought, but the soil is too dry, which can easily cause early defoliation and reduce the ornamental effect

Pay attention to the problem after transplantation:

It can be excavated and planted all year round in spring, summer, autumn and winter, but summer is better, followed by spring and autumn, and poor winter.

Pour through water-cultivation (repeated until it takes root)

Buxus lobata bulbs are dense because of the leaves. After transplanting, they should be filled with water, and the root soil should be cultivated, compacted, and tilt-proof (too many leaves, but the roots are not solid. After the water is poured into the soil, the soil is soft, and the leaves are dense and sprayed. If there is too much water on the leaves, the weight of the head will also make the new planting balls tilt. Too thick a strip can knock off the top part of the strip, and prevent the plant from tilting due to bending.

Conservation management

Buxus lobata bulbs are wet and need to be watered frequently to avoid peeling of the leaves due to water loss. The month from 5 to 8 is the fluffy period of boxwood, which can be combined with watering to apply several times of low density rotten cake fertilizer. Pay attention to pruning long branches, cascading branches, and branch branches that affect the shape of the tree. Pick the fruit as soon as possible to avoid wasting nutrients.

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