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Peacock grass, also known as small marigold, bayberry, stink chrysanthemum, red yellow grass, is an annual herbaceous flower in the family Asteraceae. Native to Mexico.

Peacock grass is a common greening plant in flower beds and flower belts on the roadside, mostly densely planted one by one. The plant is not tall, only 30, 40 cm, the color is mainly orange and yellow, and it looks like a golden carpet from a distance.

It has a long flowering period, and its small body contains strong vitality. From the "May Day" to the "Eleventh" period, bright flowers continue to bloom. Its stems and leaves will have a special smell when injured, and can dispel small insects, so some people call it ugly chrysanthemum.

Peacock also has a certain medicinal value, its flowers and leaves can be used as medicine.

Flower language-hearty and lively

Peacock grass has the habit of blooming at sunrise and closing at sunset, and always grows in the direction of the sun. Therefore, its flower language is "clear weather", which means "hearty and lively".

Morphological characteristics

Leaf: The leaf is relatively opposite, with small long oval leaflets like feathers

Flowers: flower heads terminal, single or double petals. The color of the flower is reddish brown, yellowish brown, light yellow, and purple-red spots. The flower shape is small and the flowers are numerous. The flowering period lasts from 5 months to 10 months.

Growth habit

Originating in Mexico, I like the warm and sunny environment. The growth temperature is 10 ℃ ~ 38 ℃, and the suitable temperature is 15 ℃ ~ 30 ℃. The requirements on the soil are not strict, but avoid acidic soil with a pH value less than 6. It is more sensitive to temperature and sunshine length.

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