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Lime grass
Lime grass

If you are a novice to grow flowers and want to burst the pot, then do n’t miss this article. Today ’s editor introduces the buddha grass to everyone, but it can grow in the pot and grow in the ground. Look!

Lithophora is a perennial herb for Crassulaceae, and has strong reproductive ability. It is easy to manage and very cold-resistant. It does not matter if it is not watered for 1 months, as long as there is sunlight and ventilation, it will be very fast Growing, large areas of grass are also very beautiful. Its leaves are linear, the inflorescence is umbrella-shaped, and the calyx is linear-lanceolate.

It has strong adaptability to the environment, strong cold and drought tolerance, and no special requirements for the soil, so it can feed well.

Lithocarpus can grow on a thin substrate. In summer, the roof temperature reaches 50-55 ℃, and there is no rain for consecutive days. The grass does not die. It is cultivated in northern China and grows in spring, summer, and autumn. It is better that the stems and leaves of the ground above the ground are frozen and dormant during the severe cold period, and the soil germinates new buds as soon as the soil is thawed the following year, and it can cover the ground in early spring.

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