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Gold leaf privet
Gold leaf privet
Gold leaf privet

Gold leaf privet, also known as ash tree, is an evergreen tree of the ostrichaceae privet, commonly used ornamental trees, also known as wintergreen. Ligustrum bark is gray, smooth, branched, glabrous, leathery, broadly ovate, white flowers, drupe oblong, black. The flowering period is generally from 6 months to 7 months.

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Phalaenopsis boxwood and gold leaf privet are both green-leaf tree species with golden leaves. They have many similarities, but their essential differences are still very large. Below we will make according to the properties and flowering date of the two plants. A detailed comparison.

Difference in appearance

Phellinus euphratica is a kind of evergreen shrub or small tree. It is one of the varieties of Euonymus japonicus; it is characterized by yellow or white leaves at the edges, yellow-green stripes in the middle, new yellow leaves, Green leaves with white edges.

Ligustrum is a kind of semi-green shrub belonging to the ostrichaceae family. It is also a hybrid variety; it is characterized by a golden yellow leaf color, especially in the spring and autumn season, its color is more conspicuous.

Flowering time is different

Phalaenopsis boxwood blooms from June to July, and the color of the flower is white with a little green; its fruit mature period is about 10 months, with red spherical seeds.

The gold leaf privet has an earlier flowering period than the yellow box of Phnom Penh, and it is white in color from May to June; the result is also an oval purple-black seed around the 10 month.

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