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Stump rose
Stump rose

Stump roseRefers to the artificial gardening method to grow the rose into a single tree type with a stem and crown and a tree-like shape, which continues the multi-flower characteristics of the rose.

However, after planting many tree-shaped roses, not only did they not continue to have the characteristic of multi-flowering rose, but they were so serious that they did not bloom, which made people very depressed.

And the way to solve this problem is actually very simple, as long as you do these few steps, your rose can also bloom continuously, forming a big umbrella.

  1. Insufficient light

Everyone knows that rose is a strong positive flower of the light, and tree rose is no exception.

If the plant is given insufficient light, poor ventilation, or excessive shading, the tree-like rose branches will become slender, the leaves will become thin, and the accumulation of nutrients will be poor. , The flowering period is short, etc., so if you want the rose to grow well, the sunlight should be enough, and the wind should be good.

  2. Insufficient fertilizer

Because the tree-like rose flowers have the characteristic of blooming many times a year, the nutritional requirements are relatively higher than other flowers.

During the entire growing season of the tree rose, it is necessary to chase the fertilizer more times, that is, after the flowering of the tree rose, it should be chased once after each flowering, so that the rose plants can resume growth as soon as possible.

When top dressing, pay attention to the proportion of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. You can't just apply a single nitrogen fertilizer or phosphorus, potassium fertilizer, otherwise it will cause the plant to grow long branches and leaves or not normal pregnancy buds and other symptoms.

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