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Euromoon Rose
Euromoon Rose

I think everyone knows the rose, which symbolizes love, and it has a wide variety, beautiful flowers and diverse appearances. It is always open and is loved by people. As a kind of rose, the European rose is more attractive. Today The editor will share with you the precautions and main points of Ouyue planting, and I hope to help everyone who loves flowers.

1. Matters needing attention in the cultivation of European rose

⑴. Open the package, take out the Ouyue plant, check the label, whether the branches are damaged.

⑵. Soak the roots with 1000 times of fungicide for 5-10 minutes.

(3) After planting Ouyue, it should be trimmed properly to maintain the balance of upper and lower moisture, the soil is fertile, and the drainage should be good and not compacted.

⑷. After planting, pour water, and then water according to the weather.

⑸. After flowering, check whether the version is correct, and then enter the normal maintenance after the version is matched. Fertilizers should be topped before and after flowers to facilitate flowering next time.

The cultivation of Ouyue Rose is simple, and the beautiful flowers have always symbolized romance. If you want to have your own garden, you must remember the above points.

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