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Fenghua Rose
Fenghua Rose

The rose is a perennial herbaceous plant in the family Rosaceae. It is a multi-year-old perennial herbaceous plant. It blooms many times a year, and its flowers are colorful and colorful. It has a high position in ornamental plants. It has a wide distribution, strong adaptability and easy cultivation. At present, the cuttings of Fenghua rose are mostly propagated by cuttings, but some good varieties of cuttings are not easy to take root, and the reproduction speed is greatly restricted. Using tissue culture technology, a large number of excellent tissue culture seedlings were successfully cultivated, which played an important role in quickly popularizing famous new varieties.

Materials and Methods

  1. Materials: Select the branches of the vigorously growing rose of the year, and use the full and unsprouted axillary bud stems as explants.

  2. Method: debark and leaves the explants, soak them in washing powder solution {{{{{{{{{{}}}}}}}} min, rinse 20 min, put Go to the clean bench with {{3}}% alcohol surface for sterilization {{{{{{7}}}}}}} 0s, rinse with sterile water {{{{{{ 7}}}}}} times, then immerse in {{{{{{{{{}}}}}}}}% sodium hypochlorite solution {{7}} ~ {{{{ 1 3}}}} min, and then soak it with 0. {{{{{{{7}}}}}}% mercury solution for {{7}} min, Rinse with sterile distilled water 6 ~ {{{{1 3}}}}. Use a scalpel to cut off the poisoned parts at both ends of the stem, and then inoculate in the induction medium. The basic medium is: MS, agar 0. 7%, sucrose 3%, and each bottle is inoculated with 3 ~ 4 pieces.

  3. Cultivation conditions: cultivation in light incubator, cultivation temperature 22 ~ 26 ℃, light 12 ~ 14 h / d, light intensity {5}} ~ {{6}} lx, pH value 5. 8 ~ 6. 0.

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