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Big rose
Big rose

The big flower rose is also known as perfume rose, strong flower rose, ornamental rose, etc. It is a plant of the genus Rosaceae. The tree is strong and beautiful, the flowers are large and abundant, the flowers are elegant, the flowers are beautiful, and the fragrance is rich. Growth is not strict on the soil, let's take a look together!

The cutting propagation of large-flower rose is usually carried out by cutting mature branches with 3 to 4 buds during dormancy in early spring or late autumn. If cuttings of young branches are properly shaded, the seedling bed should be kept moist. The roots can be rooted in 3 0 days after cutting, and the survival rate is 70% to 80%. If the rooting powder is used to dip branches during cutting, the survival rate is higher.

Cutting management

  1. Shed shading: the suitable temperature for rooting is 20 ℃ to 25 ℃. Shed shading is needed during the cutting period, plastic shed can adjust the temperature and humidity of soil and air, shading net It can prevent direct sunlight and reduce the temperature. If the temperature is too high, in addition to covering the sunshade net, it can also be cooled by watering and ventilation.

  2, timely watering: The cuttings of the big flower rose have not yet germinated in the early cuttings, and the water supply should not be too much. Generally, it can be watered once every day from 7 to 10. One month later, the spikelets began to take root and shoot, and the water consumption gradually increased. They should be poured once a day from 3 to 5. The amount of water should be determined according to the soil humidity and air humidity, so that the soil is dry and wet moderately.

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