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  • Deep-fried Sauce

    Deep-fried Sauce

    For the maintenance and planting maintenance, it is better to put it in a bright and ventilated place. It is better to s...
  • Dianthus


    Seeds can be purchased from the flower and bird market, and no additional treatment is required after the seeds are obta...
  • Red leaf spinach

    Red leaf spinach

    The growth characteristics and planting methods are not much different from ordinary spinach. The suitable temperature f...
  • Primula


    Usually we cultivate primroses, but also use some humus, fertile and loose rot leaf soil, the soil drainage is better. I...
  • pansy


    Many people are attracted to a flower called pansy. Because its flowers come in three colors when it blooms, it looks go...
  • Kale


    This is a flower variety that likes a mild environment but is resistant to wind and cold. Some improved kale seedlings c...
  • Lu Binghua

    Lu Binghua

    (Lupin) planting tips: perennial flowers, seeds with a weight of 1 ounces (35 grains / gram). Germination time from 1 8 ...
  • lavender


    It is a common flower in life. It has beautiful flowers and beautiful flowers. It is also a precious medicinal material ...
  • Water lily

    Water lily

    Known as the "beauty sleeping in flowers", the flowering phenomenon of day and night rolls is unbelievable, and part of ...
  • Seasonal flowers

    Seasonal flowers

    The seasonal flowers in the road greening can enrich the layers and colors between plants, and have the dual functions o...
  • Chinese rose seedlings

    Chinese rose seedlings

    Spring is a good season to buy flower seedlings, many flower friends will choose to buy a variety of flower seedlings in...
  • Holly Euonymus

    Holly Euonymus

    It is an evergreen tree, a flowering plant, and a genus under the holly tree. The bark is gray or light gray, with longi...