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This is a flower variety that likes a mild environment but is resistant to wind and cold. Some improved kale seedlings can still survive in minus 10 degrees Celsius. It can remain undefeated in dozens of winds and frosts.

Like water but not resistant to waterlogging, so pay attention to watering. The adaptability to the soil is relatively high, like rotten sandy soil or clay soil, but the suitable soil pH is between 5. 5-6. 8. I like nitrogen fertilizer, but the fertilization concentration should not be too high, and it can grow better with calcium.

How to grow?

The planting begins every July-8 month, and then the colonization can be carried out in the second half of the month 8, but the colonization time in different ranges is also different, and the decision should be based on the local temperature.

Although kale can still survive in poor soil, it does not mean that it can grow well. Humid soil with sufficient ventilation and fertility is suitable for planting. Normal fertilization should be applied thin fertilizer, nitrogen fertilizer should not be added too much, otherwise it will easily appear long, which is a serious blow to its ornamental.

Field management after planting is critical. Generally, it is necessary to water it in a week. This time the watering is also called "slow seedling water". When the soil is dry, you can start to loosen it and increase the ambient temperature, so that it can better protect its growth. When kale is more vigorously grown, top dressing should be carried out, and top dressing should be carried out after each harvest.

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