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Lavender is a common flower in life. It has beautiful flowers and beautiful flowers. It is also a precious medicinal material and is easy to grow. It is a plant that many friends like to cultivate.

Its growing period is generally about 210 days. Throughout the growing season, although it can tolerate barrenness and drought, it lacks nutrition and is too drought. Therefore, timely and appropriate amount of top dressing and irrigation can promote plant growth and increase the amount of flowers.

Simple maintenance experience of lavender;

The winter is too cold, you can't do it without keeping warm! Of course, the potting soil of many pot friends is too heavy or too dense! Sowing or cutting can be used. Sowing is generally used on sandy soil, which is covered with a layer of perlite to keep it moist and will germinate in two weeks!

For cuttings, select a branch with growing points, that is, its nodes (points where buds can grow), soak the rooting solution, or directly dip the rooting powder, and maintain it in a mild and semi-shady environment. The soil should be slightly moist. Sandy soil.

Lavender doesn't like moisture, so the soil should be slightly dry before watering. Of course, well-drained potting soil is very important for it. Usually, it is necessary to choose flower pots with large drainage holes (a drainage hole is not enough).

It is better to have a slightly alkaline sandy soil, and accept sufficient light (not less than 8 hours per day). It does not like the hot and humid environment, so it should be cooled in summer Shade and ventilate.

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