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Water lily
Water lily

The water lily is known as the "beauty sleeping in the flower", and the flowering phenomenon of day and night rolls is unbelievable, and part of the lotus flowers can also be used for tea drinking. Among them, the yellow lotus flower smells scent after blossoming.

Some Huayou will say that it is too difficult to wait. Since I raised it once, I do n’t want to love it anymore. I ’m too lazy to buy it. I just want to throw it away. It is a relatively simple and rough method to irrigate the root incision. The water in the house is directly flushed into the water. If you are worried about the wet water, you can buy a water injector online. Obstructed by both hands, the common water lilies in the flower market are relatively simple in color, of which purple and yellow are the most, pink, red, and white are relatively few. Careful research, the variety is intricate, and they are also divided into regions.

About conservation

After receiving the flowers, perform 45 degree oblique shearing of the roots, wake up in deep water for more than five hours, and the parts below the buds are soaked in water.


The law of flowering is that in the morning, it blooms at noon, and in the afternoon, it will automatically close at night.

Transport moisture evaporates faster, the branches are easy to soften, need to wake up, and will stand upright after absorbing enough water.

After the water lily is opened, there is a faint fragrance, very comfortable!

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