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The seeds of Dianthus can be purchased from the flower and bird market, and no additional treatment is required after the seeds are obtained. Sowing time needs to be considered a little bit, generally choose the spring and autumn seasons. Sowing time determines the flowering time, spring sowing can bloom in early summer, and autumn sowing can bloom in spring. Usually sowing in spring is suitable, because the suitable temperature for growth is 10 ℃ and 20 ℃, the weather gradually warms after sowing in spring, and it is suitable for growth. If the seeds are planted in autumn, the weather will become colder and unsuitable for development. The method of sowing is very simple, sowing the seeds in sandy soil, and then keeping the soil moist. Normally it can germinate within a week.

The cultivation and management of colorful dianthus after germination is relatively simple. Keep the environment where the plant is located ventilated, have sufficient light, and the temperature can be too hot or too cold. The demand for nutrition is not stronger than that of ordinary plants. Usually, a light application of flower fertilizer once a month can guarantee its nutritional supply.

Just water it once a week. After 10 weeks of growth, it enters the flowering period, as long as the temperature is suitable, it can bloom all year round. Flower beds in many cities in southern China will be decorated with colorful carnations to ensure long-term viewing.

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