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We usually cultivatePrimulaFor flowers, use some humus, fertile and loose humus soil, and the soil has better drainage.

It is very afraid of excessive heat and excessive exposure. It is originally grown in the shade of nature in the nature, so it does not need too much direct light to find it. Scattered light.

Now we see that primroses in the flower market are usually cultivated by the method of sowing. It is still difficult to cultivate this method because its germination rate is still relatively low, but it is still very good when it is mass-produced. Yes, sowing is done in late spring and grows well in autumn, and flowers can be bred in winter, but the flowering plants that can be planted are particularly short and have a relatively weak vitality. After planting, it is very suitable for breeding into ornamental small potted plants, but there is no way to raise them in the 2 year.

Cultivated with cuttings grows well, and can maintain growth for many years. When cuttings are cut in autumn, the probability of rooting and germination is very high.

When we raise it, we should avoid the leaves from getting wet. The potted soil can be kept slightly moist, but not too humid. In summer, it should be properly shaded, and it must be shaded to keep it cool and avoid excessive temperatures High, even spray water on the ground to lower the temperature and increase the humidity.

After the cold weather begins in autumn, it is necessary to slowly reduce watering. In winter, you can move to indoor conservation. When you are ready to breed flower buds, you can give the primrose a little water.

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