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Chinese rose seedlings
Chinese rose seedlings
Chinese rose seedlings

Spring is a good season to buy flower seedlings, many flower friends will choose to buy a variety of flower seedlings in spring, of course, rose flower seedlings are no different. Spring is a good time to plant the rose. At this time, the rose just woke up from the winter dormancy and is ready to germinate and grow. At this time, the transplantation has little effect on the rose.

Although spring is a good time to buy seedlings and flowers, Xiaobian still recommends that you try to buy seedlings with soil, especially novices, rose seedlings with soil and pots, transplanting is simple, the survival rate will be higher. But if you are buying rose seedlings with bare roots, it is no less worrying. Today I will tell you how to plant rose seedlings with bare roots.

Bare root rose seedling planting method:

Bare-root rose flower seedlings need special attention before planting is the problem of water loss of the rose, especially the online purchase of bare-root rose seedlings, after a few days of express transportation, there will often be water shortage. At this time, it is very important to receive the bare root rose, which is to soak the root of the bare root rose with clean water.

Of course, if you have rooting powder at home, you can add a little rooting powder to the water, which is helpful to promote the faster rooting of bare root rose seedlings after planting.

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