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Holly Euonymus
Holly Euonymus

Holly Euonymus is an evergreen tree, a flowering plant and a genus under the holly tree. The bark is gray or light gray, with longitudinal grooves, light green branches, and no hair. The leaves are thin leathery, narrowly elliptical or lanceolate, tapering at the apex, wedge-shaped at the base, slightly rounded serrated at the edges, dry reddish brown, shiny. The petals are purplish red or lavender and curl outward. Fruit oval or nearly spherical, dark red when mature.

It is a subtropical tree species. It likes a warm climate and has cold resistance. It is suitable for growing in fertile, moist and well-drained acid soil. It is more resistant to moisture, and has strong germination and pruning capabilities. It is more resistant to carbon dioxide. Common in hillside mixed forest, evergreen broad-leaved forest and forest edge at an altitude of 500-1000 meters.

Holly lanceolata is an evergreen plant in all seasons. Because of its beautiful appearance and green leaves, it is a popular seedling for greening the park walls, so it is mostly planted in the garden for beautification. It can be used in isolated areas of parks, gardens, green walls and highways.

Holly Euonymus is a commonly used shrub in landscaping. Crisp and bright, healthy and vigorous growth, with high ornamental value. It is an excellent ornamental tree species in the garden. Holly trees are dwarfed by old wooden piles or growths and used for bonsai.