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Propagation method of European dianthus cuttings

There are many kinds of breeding methods for Ou Dianthus. Now Qingzhou Houtu Flower Seedlings Co., Ltd. will first take you to understand one of these methods, the cutting method propagation method:

  1. Collect plant spikes

Except for the winter and summer high seasons, from 3 months to 6 months and 9 months, ears with good consistency can be collected at the ear picking nursery.

  2. Matrix formula

The matrix formula in the plate is mudstone: perlite: 7: {{{1}} (volume ratio), dry bulk weight 0. 48, total porosity 50. {{1}} {{1 2}}%, large porosity {{{{1 2}}}}. 7 0%, porosity { {1}} {{1}. 66%, top water retention rate 1. 56, pH value {{1 {{14} }}}. 1 4, EC value 2. 88 ms / cm. Add an appropriate amount of water to the matrix, mix it, and place it in the dish.

  3. European Dianthus fringe specifications

The ear is 3-5 cm long, and the top is retained, and the lower incision is at the base of the plant. Cut from the lower part (leaf ring) of the node, keep all the leaves, do not choose flower buds or flowering branches.

  4. Disinfection and disease prevention

Disinfect the seedbed and substrate with 1000 times potassium permanganate solution one day in advance. Sterilize the cuttings with 800 times carbendazim solution. From then on, use 800 times carbendazim solution or 1000 times solution to replace mancozeb solution every half month.

  5. Cutting moisturizing

Cuttings are carried out in two ways: tray and tray. The cutting depth is about 2 cm. Water the day after cuttings, shading treatment, shading rate of about 75%. At the same time, temperature-lowering measures are taken to control the temperature in the shed below 35 ℃. Usually pay attention to the humidity of the substrate, do not be too wet or too dry, and check every day. The relative humidity of the air in the shed should be maintained at about 75% and watered every 10 days.

The above is a detailed explanation about the propagation method of Ou Dizhu cutting method, I hope to help you, if you want to know more, you can contact us, we will serve you wholeheartedly.