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The complete solution of the propagation technology of Ou Dianthus seedlings

Dianthus caryophyllus, also known as Dianthus caryophyllus, is a perennial herbaceous plant and flower of the Dianthus family Dianthus, which originated in the Siberian alpine region. At present, there are many varieties of Dianthus grown in China.

  1 Features: The plants are bushy, the stems are prostrate, the plant height is {{1}} cm, the leaf length is {{2}} cm, and the width is 0. 10. 2 cm, dark green, smooth and slightly white powder. The flower is terminal, showing an umbrella-shaped inflorescence, and the flower color is pink, deep pink and compound color. Thousand-grain seeds weigh about 1 g.

  2, breeding technology

The propagation methods of O. caryophyllus seedlings include sowing, ramification, and cutting. Most of them adopt the cutting propagation method, which is generally carried out in the early rainy season in 8 month.

a. Choose a high-dry, flat leeward sunny ground to set up a seedbed. The soil should be loose and fertile. After turning, it should be raked and cleaned. Then build up the ground, the bed width is 1. 2 m, and the height is about 0. 3 m, and the bed needs to be leveled. Then cover it with 5 cm thick fine sand and use soil disinfectant.

b. Picking and cutting ears, selecting healthy and disease-free seedlings with creeping stems and leaves, growing 56 cm, bundled with each 100 plant, dipping with 36 h, then placing The shade is ready for use.

c. Cutting on the sand, drill small holes of 34 cm according to the plant row spacing 5 cm, it is better not to contact the soil, then put a section of seedling seedling ears in each hole, while Compact and pour water after insertion.

d. After cutting the shed, it should be buckled into a small shade shed in time. First buckle the plastic film, and then cover about 50% of the shading net on the shed.

e. Manage O. dianthus seedlings are easy to take root, and the cutting survival rate is high, about 10 d can take root. To maintain temperature 25 and humidity 80%, the temperature in the shed should not be higher than 30, water should be used when the humidity is low, and should be ventilated and ventilated in time when the temperature and humidity are high. Shade nets should be removed on rainy days. Due to the cold spring and autumn in the northern high latitudes, there is no need to remove the shed film in the current year and the following year. By the middle of the next year 5, the bed will be changed, and the seedlings will be raised at a row distance of 20 30 cm or 25 cm The plant spacing is directly applied to the green land, and the ground can be covered in 12 months.