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Share excellent varieties of special flowers

With the development of tourism, the Huahai landscape is widely used in major scenic spots, driving the economic development of the scenic spot and driving passenger flow, which has become an important part of the scenic industry chain.

At the same time, the sea of ​​flowers in summer is also very popular, but many scenic operators are suffering from not knowing what type of flowers to plant! There are many varieties of summer flowers and flowers, but which ones are more effective? Next, Qingzhou Houtu Flowers and Seedlings Co., Ltd. shared several excellent varieties of special flowers for flowers and seas:

  1. Rose flowers

Rose belongs to Rosaceae, also known as Yueyuehong, known as the Queen of Flowers. Flowering in all seasons, generally red, pink, and occasionally white and yellow, it is very beautiful as an ornamental plant. Different types of flowers can be planted together with many varieties, and the sea of ​​flowers formed after clusters of flowers bloom is spectacular.

  2. Lagerstroemia flowers

Dwarf Lagerstroemia is also called a small tickle tree-an excellent flowering ground cover. Native to Japan, it is a perennial woody flower. It is a precious variety. The branches are short and dense, and the plant type is natural. The more peculiar is that the seedlings bloom at a height of 10 cm. The flowering period is very long, with early flowers and short flowers. It has many characteristics, such as raw, multi-flower, beautiful flower color, long flowering period, strong adaptability and so on.

  3. Sea of ​​Hydrangea

Hydrangea, also known as hydrangea, hydrangea, and pink flowers, is a semi-deciduous shrub. It blooms in summer, and the flowers form cymes at the top of the branches, with white neutral flowers on the edges, like snowballs. The hydrangea's dense flower volume and rich colors attract people deeply. The hydrangea sea is even more shocking, and it is an excellent variety created by the summer sea landscape.

0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; There are too many kinds of special flowers for the sea, there are many varieties, it is difficult to list them one by one, I will not repeat them here. May wish to contact Qingzhou Houtu Flower Seedling Co., Ltd. for more detailed flower supply information.