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Hedgerow seedling winter shearing purpose

The purpose of hedge trimmer winter shearing generally includes the following categories:

  1. Plant pruning at the seedling stage to pave the way for planting the ideal seedling type.

  2 Plant transplanting and pruning, reduce density, increase ventilation and light transmission, reduce water evaporation, and improve seedling survival rate.

  3 Plant conservation and pruning can benefit seedling growth and can be used as a landscape.

  4 Pruning of potted plants is mainly to engrave buds and connect buds, which should be done together with grafting.

  5 The new branches are flowered and pruned, mainly to make the hedgerow seedlings more ornamental. In the case of rose, pruning at young age is mainly for cultivating tree-shaped and skeleton branches; during the strong age, it is for blooming and gorgeous, preventing early wilting; in the old age, it is for rejuvenation.

  6 Pruning of new shoots and fruit plants mainly regulates seedling growth and fruit balance, thus forming a good skeleton structure. For example, pruning at the young age of grapes can promote results in advance; in adult trees, it is to stabilize the tree shape and increase yield.

  7 、 Hedge seedlings that have formed flower buds, then cut off more dense branches and thin flowers in advance, which is conducive to improving fruit yield and quality.

  8. The pruning of flower buds has been formed mainly for ornamental purposes, and is usually pruned after the flowers bloom.