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How to choose rose seedlings

The breeding details of the rose are very important, as far as buying seedlings is concerned. I believe that many flower friends may buy rose seedlings online more than once, and they may have bought rose seedlings at different prices online. What kind of seedlings are good seedlings?

onlineChinese rose seedlings, Ranging from a few dollars to tens or even hundreds of dollars, how to choose in the end, seems to be a problem, and it is indeed a problem.

Generally, the price of flower seedlings in Jiangsu is about 10 yuan. As for the version is not correct, I do n’t say much. The Xiaobai era in Jiangsu is over, but many flower friends also found out that the Xiaobai era is over. Ushering in the Xiaohong era, what do you mean? Just change the color. Of course, there are also versions, but it really has a hot eye.

So what kind of rose seedlings should I choose?

If you are an experienced flower cultivator, any kind of seedlings can be grown in your hands according to your ideas, then you don't need to worry about the state of the seedlings. But novice flower friends, the editor thinks that when you buy rose seedlings, you should still think more about the seedlings. You need to know that strong seedlings are resistant to tossing. Weak seedlings can't withstand tossing. It is likely that you will not arrive in two or three months. You haven't figured out an experience yet, it is already dead, but strong seedlings are not so easy dead.

The editor recommends that all flower friends, when entering seedlings, should choose seedlings with pots instead of nutritional seedlings. Most of the rose seedlings with pots are planted in root-controlling pots. Their root systems are not grown in coils. You can see white healthy root systems after de-potting. Such seedlings will resume growth soon after planting.

Moreover, the seedlings shipped with flower pots are not easy to be damaged during the transportation, which can reduce root damage. The flower friends all know that when the nutrient pot seedlings are shipped, the soil mass is tightly gripped and wrapped with adhesive tape. This extrusion process itself damages the root system.

Of course, the price of rose seedlings with pots will be more expensive, but it is expensive. The seedlings with pots are usually seedlings that are more than 7-8 months old. They have grown for a long enough time. Outdoor cultivation, the plant is short, the root system is developed, the resistance is strong, the cultivation time is long, and it can grow quickly after changing the pot.