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It turns out that the hedgerow seedlings have so much knowledge

Hedgerow seedlings are a common way of landscaping in green gardens and have a long history of application. Shaped hedges originated in China, and shaped hedges originated in Europe.

Use of hedgerow

  1. Prevention and Enclosure

Prevention is an ancient and universal function of hedges to prevent pedestrians from entering. The prevention perimeter of this plant is much more economical in cost than the prevention perimeters such as fences, bamboo fences, and fences.

  2. Lines as scribe lines and decorative patterns

Many regular gardens use the middle hedge as the partition boundary, and the green hedge seedlings as the border of the flower border. For flower beds and ornamental lawns, boxwood, holly holly, iris, boxwood, juniper, and Japanese cypress are generally used. In particular, Buxus quinquefolia and European purple shirt are more ideal. For more extensive patterns, ivy can be used.

  3. As a barrier and organization space

Replace the wall, screen wall and surrounding wall in the building with tree walls. The evergreen tree species are usually used to form a green wall above the sight line to separate the functional area, the barrier sight line, the noise and the mutual interference.

  4. As a background for flower borders, fountains, statues, etc.

The height is generally commensurate with the height of the fountain or statue, and the color should be selected from dark green trees without reflection.

  5. Beautify the retaining wall

In regular gardens, the retaining wall between two platforms of different elevations is often planted with a hedge in front of it to avoid the dullness on the inside.

Requirements for selection of seedling species of hedgerows

Sprout, regenerative, strong, pruning resistant

The leaves are small and dense, the flowers are small and dense, the fruits are small and many, and the reproduction and transplantation are easy

The growth rate should not be too fast

Strong resistance, less pests