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Who made Zhiying Xiaomiao a net red

The editor will introduce the growth habits and planting techniques of Zhiying seedlings, so as to provide a reference for the friends of Huahai.

Speaking of the history of Zhihuahua ’s fame, it ’s worth mentioning that in the 2012 years of Weibo ’s prosperity, the power of the media has pushed the cherry blossoms of Zhizao Mountain in Japan to the historical stage, but it has also been tepid , Until the forwarding of a certain circle of friends on WeChat has created a generation of celebrities in the field of flowers, this is Zhizhi cherry.

Shiba cherry blossoms in Hokkaido, Japan are particularly famous. Five or six million shichi cherry blossoms are planted on nearly 200 acres of land each year. They are divided into slopes and flat land. The lake and the mountains meet each other, and the resulting effect makes the park a famous place.

It is said that the person who introduced Zhiying earlier in Dongzaoqin Village was Mr. Nakabe Moriji, who built a small Zhiying area of ​​1 million square meters in his home in 1978. park. With a persistent love and firm belief in Zhiying, he gave his heart and soul one by one, and after 8 years of hard work, he finally became a tourist destination of Zhiying. Today, Zhiying has become a local symbol, and trademarks and souvenirs are all Zhiying's flower patterns, creating business opportunities for local economic development.

What is Zhiying?

Zhiying, also known as Congsheng Phlox, is native to North America and is resistant to cold and high temperatures. It can be wintered in Harbin in the north and bloomed in Guangzhou in the south. Drought-tolerant, like to grow in dry rock cracks, salt-alkali-resistant, can be used in large areas along the coast; Zhiqin is a creeping plant with a plant height of about 15 cm, developed root system and many fibrous roots The ramets reproduce, the leaves are as small as needles, and the surface of the leaves is waxy, which is a magic weapon for its drought resistance.

Zhi Ying Xiao Miao is rich in color and has a scent, with 6 colors of rose red, pink, white, pale pink, snow blue and purple. At present, our country mainly sees red, rose red, pink and white.