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Learn about the flower of hope sakura cherry seedlings

A few days ago, my classmates who went to Japan to play back sent a photo. The photo shows a huge sea of ​​red cherry blossoms at the foot of Mount Fuji, which looks spectacular and beautiful. Zhiying's flower language in Japan is hope, and I couldn't help thinking of that beautiful story. According to legend, in order to give hope to the blind wife's continued survival, an elderly man planted Zhiying in the courtyard and the entire hillside, hoping that someone would come and watch while giving his wife hope. Now here is full of Zhiying, and the wife who is lingering in the floral fragrance also said: It is very happy to hear the voices of so many people. Today, let me take you through this bright red flower of hope-Zhiying Xiaomiao.

We generally refer to it as Zhiying. In fact, its scientific name is acerola hydrangea and Congsheng Phlox. With so many names, people can love it. Zhiying is a perennial dwarf herbaceous plant belonging to the genus Hydrangea in the family Chrysanthemum. If we look down carefully, we will find that the stems of Zhiying are all bushy, and most of them are scattered and have more branches. Its leaves are opposite or clusters grow on the branches, most of them are linear or lanceolate. Several small flowers will bloom at the top of the plant. The small flowers are simple cymes and have a slight fragrance. Of course, it can also produce capsules. The corolla is shaped like a goblet, usually light red, purple or white.

In fact, Zhiying Xiaomiao is not only found in Japan. You can't imagine that Zhiying's origin is in eastern North America. After the introduction of China, cultivation in East China and other regions has begun. Zhiying is suitable for growing in warm and humid areas, but its requirements for soil are not high. Therefore, we often see the large growth of Zhiying on the grassland or river embankment, because it likes a warm, humid and well-lit growth environment. In fact, Zhiying is also a relatively good planting seedling. In addition to being not heat-resistant, it is also hardy, barren, drought-tolerant, and salinity-resistant. It can be said that the beautiful appearance is a strong flower.

We say that the role of Zhiying, due to the short introduction time and insufficient research, is currently mainly used as an ornamental plant. Because the coniferous sky blue hydrangea has a longer flowering period, and has a bright color and a fragrant smell, it has high ornamental value. At present, the main use is to plant a large number of flower beds, or to plant them in combination with other low shrubs, which can show good greening effects. Zhiying Xiaomiao is hardy and high temperature resistant. At 8 ° below zero, the leaves are still green, and even at 32 ° below zero, you can spend the winter in peace. Even on barren yellow sand land, even if there is no rain for many days, it can still survive and grow, so it is a good substitute for turfgrass.