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Substrate selection and slow seedling of rose flower seedlings

The rose seedlings are very strong and grow rapidly, climbing on the stem with hooks or vines. Cultivated throughout China, Nanyang, Henan is more concentrated and cold-resistant (slightly weaker than the original species). Rose seedlings like light and fertilizer, and require good soil drainage. Although it is a four-season flowering habit, it only has a large number of flowers in late spring or early summer in the second season, and then blooms intermittently from summer to autumn.

  1. Selection of substrates for flower seedlings

The rose likes moist and fertile soil. The soil of the average family does not have this condition. It is recommended to use peat to protect the roots. In layman's terms, it is to dig a pit and fill it with peat. Compared with the garden soil, the hair roots are faster and the humidity is more moderate, generally not too dry or too wet. After the seedlings grow up, they directly penetrate the peat hair roots to the ordinary clay, and there is no effect. If there is no peat, build the improved soil, add some black mud collected by the river, add some rotten tree leaves, add a little perlite, and mix to improve breathability.

It is recommended that novices do not put the base fertilizer when planting or transplanting. The average person can not easily control the amount of roots, and it is easy to burn roots, especially high-concentration compound fertilizers. . It is necessary to spread another layer of soil on the bottom fertilizer, so that the roots cannot be directly contacted with the fertilizer.

  2. Slow seedlings of rose flowers

Check the condition of the plant before planting. If wrinkled skin is found to be dehydrated, the whole plant should be soaked in water for 15 minutes to allow the pores to absorb moisture, and cut the branches to within 10 CM, leaves Only half. To reduce the evaporation of water. For bare root seedlings, try to use chlorothalonil or thiophanate-methyl to soak the roots for 15 minutes at a lower concentration in the instructions. The reason is: when the nursery starts seedlings, the roots will be damaged and the wound will be directly injured. Exposed in the air, there may be germs, disinfection can reduce the possibility of root wound infection. If the plants are fresh, or you can change the previous rose at home, just plant it directly.

For seedlings with wrinkled skin or bare roots, slow seedlings should be careful not to expose to the sun, try to slow the seedlings in a cool and scattered place, such as the balcony of the home. If you need to plant outdoors, you can cover it with 50% sunscreen to avoid direct sunlight. In winter or early spring when the temperature is below ten degrees, you can directly cover the black garbage bag. Make small openings on the sides for breathability. Plants, like human skin, need to breathe.