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What to do with rose seedlings and stiff seedlings

Today, a flower friend live-streamed the process of checking the root system of rose seedlings. That scene is really indescribable.

The reason for opening the root of this rose is because the rose grows very weak and is basically in the stage of stiff seedlings. If Xiaobian remembers correctly, this should be the big vine bought this time ago, which is more than one meter high. That kind.

Because the growth is too weak, there are no new shoots growing, and some branches are black, this flower friend thinks it should be black rot, seeing the branch near the soil is also darker in color, thinking that it is black rot, it opened the soil , Buckled the leather.

This root is good, and there is no black rot. Therefore, we also need to learn to judge the symptoms of black rot.

Many flower friends who buy rose flower seedlings will encounter the problem of stiff seedlings. The leaves are few and the branches are not long. Therefore, it is recommended that you should not be too greedy, thinking about solving it step by step, or growing the flowers should still feel the process of growing, accepting the process of growing plants a little bit.

It is correct to buy a relatively large and well-managed flower, but if it is too large, it is not easy to manage. It was raised by someone else and suddenly came to your house. Can it kiss you? Can you listen to you? Is it difficult? The same is true of growing flowers.

So how to deal with the stubborn rose?

If your rose seedlings are stiff, no matter if they are big seedlings or small seedlings, do n’t easily get rid of the heels at this time, because their heels are already very poor, and it ’s already very good to be able to handle this disaster. Will only make it harder.

If you are buying big rose seedlings, there are stiff seedlings. At this time, you have to put down the branches and let the branches droop naturally. Don't tie them up too high, which is not beneficial.

If it is a potted rose seedling, it is relatively small. At this time, you can cover the soil with newspaper or a breathable cloth, and then dump the pot to prevent it.

Before pouring the pots, you should first plant some fermented organic fertilizer or slow-release fertilizer in the pots to increase the fertility of the soil.

Large Chinese rose should also be fed with enough fermented organic fertilizer in the pots to strengthen the soil's fertility.

At the same time, potassium dihydrogen phosphate fertilizer should be applied once every half month during the maintenance process. Phosphate fertilizer is a biological starting fertilizer that can promote root growth. Of course, you can also add some rooting agent when watering, so that you can promote the new root system to grow faster.

Keep plenty of fertilizer and water. After a period of time, the rose seedlings will send out stronger shoots from the base. At this time, your rose will be saved and you will soon be able to rejuvenate.