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How to create a large sea of ​​willow verbena flowers

The willow verbena flower sea has been doing many ecological landscape projects in recent years. As a perennial root plant, it has at least two large-scale flowering periods in the southern region in the year (respectively 5 late late month 9 late late month ), Long flowering period (can reach more than 2 5 days), very suitable for southern climate environment, easy to survive and easy to maintain, if the cost of seedling cultivation is not too high, the flowering landscape effect is better, and its large purple creates lavender The fantasy romantic effect is deeply loved by everyone, so many French lavender farms like to use it instead of lavender planting. So how to create a large sea of ​​willow verbena flowers? The following is an analysis of the time axis.

One, nursery

There are two ways to do the mainstream from cost saving, which are seed sowing and seedling raising. For seed sowing, I suggest to start sowing after the spring begins to warm up (sowing in the middle of the month 3 in the southern region), but it will not bloom in early summer, and the earlier batch of flowers will be in the middle of {{1}} Starting from the second half, verbena seeds are not expensive, and the quotation is at 2 yuan / gram (1 gram about 4000 grains), but the effect of spreading flowers and flowers is not ideal and the actual operation and application are few. If you want to see the effect in a short time and the relative cost savings, then I suggest raising seedlings. The nursery management technology does not have too many difficulties. If you want to see its spectacular effect in early summer, the nursery should start in October of the previous year. Let me share with you the project experience and time points I made.

(1) 20 1 8 years 1 Starting as a seedbed in mid-October, it is recommended to use nutrient soil as a cushion, sowing grass seeds into the seedbed and covering The loose and heat-retaining peat can be used, and the seedbed is watered (the seeds are recommended to soak in the water for 1 2-24 hours before sowing).

(2) The seeds of Willow Verbena germinate slowly in winter. If the temperature does not go up, they will go to sleep directly. They will not germinate until the spring of the following year. The temperature is controlled by air and humidity. Generally, the seeds will germinate in about 2 0-2 5 days (spring seed germination time is about 15 days).