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How to correctly cut rose seedlings

Rose seedlings can be propagated by cuttings. Generally, cuttings are more suitable in spring and autumn, and the weather is easier to survive. Choose good cuttings on rose flower plants, insert them into a clean substrate, take good care, they will soon take root and survive, and then transplant into new pots for cultivation. Let's introduce how to cut the next rose flowers.

1. Cutting time

It is better to cut the flowers in spring and autumn, because the spring and autumn temperatures are stable, and the warm and humid climate is more suitable for it to take root.

Second, prepare the soil

Rose seedlings do not have high requirements for soil, and loose and fertile slightly acidic soil is better. You can prepare rot leaf soil, garden soil, river sand, and mix them as cultivation soil in the ratio of 5: 3: 2.

3. Choose cuttings

On the rose plants, choose stout. Branches that are free of disease and insect pests are preferably tender branches or branches after flowering. Use a sterilized tool to cut about 10-20 cm, trim the bottom into an oblique cut, cut off the leaves at the base, and retain the top 2-3 young leaves. Immerse the sticks in rooting water for 30 minutes, remove and dry in a ventilated place.

Four, cutting

It is best to prepare flower pots, clay pots and pottery pots of suitable size. Place a tile on the bottom of the basin, fill it with cultivation soil, and leave about 2-3 cm for easy watering later. After smoothing the soil, insert the cuttings into the cultivation soil. The soil is slightly compacted and watered. Keep it in a cool and ventilated place, water it in time when the soil is dry, and avoid water accumulation. Take good care and wait for the branches of rose flowers to take root.