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Holly Euonymus face value geometry

The leaves of Holly Euonymus are opposite, long oval, and the one on the back can be seen like peach leaves, so it has another name for Peach Leaf Euonymus

When I checked the information, I learned that its new spring leaves are red. I didn't take them. I will make them up next year. In fact, the new leaves of many plants are red, such as toon, camphor, rose, and peony. The reason is similar to the redness of the leaves in autumn. They are all related to large temperature differences, more anthocyanins, and less chlorophyll.

The flowering period of Euonymus japonicus is in May and June, which is the time when the spring flowers fight for beauty. What is the face value of the chief of the guardian spear?

The flowers are yellow-green and unremarkable.

The members of the Euonymus family, represented by the chief long lance, including holly euonymus, silk cotton wood, fufang vines, and even southern snake vines, the flowers are a pair of unintentional reminders that you cannot find it; be reminded Later, he was surprised at the low-key appearance that it actually bloomed. That's why there is no sense of existence. Therefore, euonymus was not invited into the park as a flower-seeding plant.

Is it because the fruit is more unique?

These four-sided capsules, you can immediately see the relationship with the silk cotton wood, right? However, the fruit of silk cotton is relatively regular four-sided, and the lance is not known whether it is poorly pollinated or what is the reason. Only one or two of the seeds can grow healthy.

See, in late autumn, the capsule's peel bursts, revealing a bright red aril. If the number of fruits is considerable, it is the same as silk cotton, which is also a good fruit plant. Photographed on Beizhi on 10 month 16

However, this picture was taken in the middle of October near the cherry ditch in Beizhi. The few spears in the park near my house, when the fruit should be ripe, the capsules of the branches are almost empty. I don't know if it is because the birds have too few foods to eat, and eat the red fruits of the lance.

Although the fruits are few, the slippery lances let me find the reason for their existence ↓

In mid-September, the leaves of Euonymus splendens were evenly red. If there are more opposite leaves, it will smell like the red leaves of the torch. (Actually, this photo was taken of the worm, its name is blunt shoulder stink bug)

After entering the winter, after the baptism of high wind and low temperature, the color level of the leaves is more abundant. The flat appearance of this branch is also very special

Therefore, Holly Euonymus is used for landscaping, and it should be shortlisted with red leaf plants. Although it is only a small bush one to three meters high, it can also splendidly decorate the winter in Beijing Xiaosha.