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Slow seedlings and pots of rose seedlings

Don't forget to slow down the seedlings after buying the rose seedlings. If there is no water on the flower seedlings, you need to soak them to recover ...

Faced with the seemingly true and false experience posts on the Internet, many Huayou will be puzzled: What does it mean to slow seedlings? After this operation, can the flower seedlings really grow?

  1. What is delayed seedling?

Our definition of slow seedlings is:

Whether buying online or offline, flower seedlings are faced with changes in the living environment. Slow seedlings are to provide these flower seedlings with a comfortable environment and help it gradually transition to the current environment.

  2. Slow seedling treatment of flower seedlings

Potted roses (with flower pots and beautiful planting bags) do not need slow seedlings. After unpacking the package, they can be transplanted with water and placed in a sunny place.

ps: In the summer when the temperature is too high, after receiving the rose seedlings, you can place it in the sun when it cools down in the evening; or put it in a cool place overnight, and then put it on the sun's feet the next day.

Plants such as blue snowflakes, gypsophila, etc., may be a bit short of water after long-distance transportation, and need to be shaded by a sunshade net and sprayed with leaves.

  3. What is a pot?

This is an emergency treatment method for the dehydration phenomenon: soak the dehydrated rose seedlings in water to restore the dehydrated cells to water, and wait for it to absorb enough water, and then take it out of the water in time.

* If flower seedlings are not dehydrated, it is strictly forbidden to soak flower pots. Excessive moisture can cause serious damage to plants.