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Briefly talking about several ornamental grass flowers commonly used in the design of flower mirrors

A brief introduction to several ornamental grass flowers used in the design of flower mirrors.

0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 1-Echinacea

The echinacea is ornamental, the flowers scattered high and low, the flowers are rushing to the sky, the feeling of every flower petting, the natural level of space formed by the height of each cluster of flowers, not just the type , Is also the spatial distribution of colors. Echinacea is full of vitality and is an excellent material that embellishes the flower field and enhances the brightness and color. Echinacea has many varieties and rich colors. You can choose solid color or mixed color, but do n’t plant too densely. Echinacea shows the effect of flowers. It needs a little space and needs to be hidden from the leaves of the ornamental grass. It will not fall into the clichés of heavy makeup.

Planting is easy to survive, even if it is exposed to the sun for a day, as long as it is watered at night, all will stand up the next day.

2- Rudbeckia, Rudbeckia 0010010 amp; Hollyhock, Anemone, Hibiscus

Yellow and white may be very dazzling colors, but yellow is different from white, it is necessary to configure other equally warm but not dazzling flowers such as purple, pink and pink to carry out color hedging. Only a cluster of yellow is not a good choice in the ornamental grass flower environment, and it deviates from the entire group of colors.

Hollyhocks can also be taller than the tall grasses in the flower field.

If you think that flowers such as sunflowers are very large, you can arrange them at the edge of the flower border, but it is not appropriate to arrange them excessively, because it is a spectacular and colorful plant.

Three-Snakeweed, Sage, Granny, Tortoise, Lythrum

Snakeweed also has a wealth of colors to choose from. If you only make a piece of ornamental grass, you can use 2-3 more colors for reconciliation. If you are arranging multiple flower scenes, you can use one color for each place, so that you can move different scenes with different colors. You can also use color blending to make everything look mixed, but the main colors are different.