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Ornamental grass flower mirror design

All planting with ornamental grass design can also be successful in effect, but if you combine some attractive flowering and foliage plants with ornamental grass, it will make the ornamental grass flower landscape shine.

In this combination of ornamental grass and flowers, the differentiated characteristics of plant habits, texture, and color are rich, and it can more reflect the fun of the garden. Use some strong plants, such as a fixed combination formed by the combination of golden light, feather-like reed grass and Miscanthus, this combination is relatively stable and suitable for extensive maintenance. If the maintenance level requires elegance, it is more appropriate to design some sage plants and Crassulaceae plants.

A) Miscanthus lanceolata / Yabane awn / Morning rays

B) Fuchsia

C) Miscanthus

D) Sage

E) Crassulaceae

F) Chinese mans

G) Solidago

H) Chrysanthemum

I) Blue fescue (high temperature and high humidity are susceptible to diseases)

J) Crassulaceae (White Flower)

K) Aster

L) Straw Chrysanthemum

M) Cotton wool stamens

Two-level high-sex flower reference with high-sex mans and grasses