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I want to plant flowers. These special flowers for flowers are suitable for you.

I do n’t know if you all want to go through your own labor. There is a courtyard wall full of flowers dedicated to flowers, a colorful flower gallery, sitting under the flowers at night to enjoy the moon, and sitting under the flowers to enjoy the sun during the day. Life is not willing to change how much money you give! The black-eyed Susan's pale yellow flowers are simply loved by the color, and then let her climb up the wall, hang on the balcony, hold the railing, and other flowers will lose their color in front of her!

0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; Maintenance points:

  1. Sowing or cutting in the fall.

  2. The height of 15 centimeters needs to be topped to promote branching.

  3. The heat resistance is not good, and the upper limit temperature does not exceed 30 degrees. The flower-specific flower vine campanula is a small lantern with a branch full of branches, which is a vine campanula, with red branches, which makes the whole yard prosperous.

0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; Maintenance points:

  1. Sunshine should be sufficient. At least 4 hours of direct sunlight should be received every day.

  2. After the surface of the potted soil is about 1 cm dry, it needs to be watered, but no water can accumulate.

  3. I like warmth, and the temperature suitable for growing environment is above 10 degrees.

  4. When topping the seedlings, let her branch and bloom more. Clematis Clematis, "after the vine flower", the choice of garden decoration. The flowers are diverse, the flowers are small and fine, surrounded by clusters and full of fragrance. Clematis is very suitable for planting with rose, and the combination of the two to decorate the balcony and courtyard, its beautiful scenery!

Main points of maintenance:

  1. Basin soil should have good drainage and breathability, keep the basin soil moist and avoid water accumulation.

  2. Choose larger pots to plant clematis.

  3. Spring, autumn, and winter can receive full light, and it can be over 8 degrees in winter, and the roots should be shaded in summer.

  4. Pull the tender shoots in time, and use the iron wire for lateral traction. The flower-specific winter beauty of Huahai does not want to be confined in a small flower pot. From the wall to the outside, each lush branch is devoted to the care of the flesh. !