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Talking about the key technology of seedling cultivation of hedgerow

The cultivation of hedgerow seedlings is the basic content and important work of afforestation activities. In recent years, seedling cultivation technology has been continuously developed, and seedling cultivation technology requirements are getting higher and higher. The key technologies in the seedling cultivation process are discussed, which can provide useful reference for seedling cultivation.

  1. Land selection

Land selection is a key link in seedling cultivation. Land is the foundation of seedling growth, which has a great influence on the growth of seedlings. The impact of land on seedling cultivation mainly has 4 aspects.

Terrain affects seedling irrigation and drainage. The topography affects the distance of irrigation water, the direction of irrigation water and the drainage of rain during the rainy season. If the irrigation water source is too far away or the water source is insufficient, it will affect the seedling cultivation efficiency. The irrigation water is continuously discharged to the cultivation land and the water source is suitable for the seedling cultivation. The seedlings are weak in vitality, so pay attention to flood control in the spring and summer rainy seasons, and the topography of the cultivated area has a great influence on the flood control effect.

The fertility of the land affects the nutrition supply of cultivated land, and thus the growth and development of hedgerow seedlings. The fertility of the land affects the absorption of nutrients and required elements such as organic matter, inorganic salts, etc. by the seedlings. Fertile land can provide a sufficient supply of nutrients and effectively reduce the cost of cultivation, but the nutritional level of cultivated land is not excessive. Therefore, the cultivation of seedlings should choose fertile land with certain nutrition.

The degree of land looseness affects seedlings' absorption of nutrients and water, which in turn affects seedling growth. In the loose land, the seedling root system is easy to grow and distribute, which has great benefits for the absorption of nutrients and water during the seedling growth process.

The impact of the natural environment on the cultivation of hedgerow seedlings. Sunlight in the nursery ground. Natural environments such as air and water are very important for seedling cultivation. The seedlings need sufficient light and moisture in the growing period.