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Selection of rose seedlings

1. Types of seedlings

There are cut seedlings and grafted seedlings in rose, and the advantages and disadvantages of the two seedlings are also explained. You can choose cutting seedlings or grafting seedlings according to your needs.

Second, pay attention to the details when buying

To choose a good and healthy flower seedlings, we should pay attention to the following 5 points:

  1, whether to bring basin

Purchase rose seedlings as the seedlings with original pots and original soil. Bare root seedlings can only be purchased in early spring and winter. Novices do not recommend buying bare root seedlings, which is relatively difficult to cultivate.

  2, nutrient pot seedlings or root control pot seedlings

Currently there are many rose seedlings on the market, which can be roughly divided into the following three types:

a. Nutrition pot seedlings b. V 9 pot seedlings c. Gallon pot seedlings

What is a nutritional seedling?

The nutrient pot seedlings are cultivated in the nutrient pot, and the growth time is generally short, only a few months.

Characteristics of nutritional seedlings:

The root system of rose seedlings in nutritious pot seedlings is usually underdeveloped or grows at the bottom, which is not conducive to rooting after transplanting. Due to the short growth time, the seedlings will also be relatively weak, and the conservation department may grow slowly or stiff, and may die in severe cases.

What is V 9 pot seedling?

V 9 pot seedlings refer to rose seedlings cultivated in V 9 flower pots. The V 9 flower pot is a square flower pot with a caliber of 9 * 9. The bottom is designed with root control to prevent the roots from becoming entangled.

V 9 pot seedling characteristics:

The growing season of V 9 pot seedlings is generally more than one year, and its root system is similar to the divergent growth of ground planting, and it can root faster after transplanting.

What is a gallon seedling?

Gallon seedlings are rose seedlings that have been transplanted and planted in gallon pots. Their growth time is long, and the plant type is much larger than V 9 pot seedlings throughout the day. They are finished potted seedlings.

Gallon seedling characteristics:

Gallon seedlings belong to finished potted seedlings, which can be viewed directly after receipt, skipping the cultivation process of small seedlings, but the price is higher.

  3, whether the root system is developed

The state of the root determines the survival number and growth state of the seedling. The root system is the root of the plant to absorb nutrients from the soil and protect the plant's life activities. When selecting seedlings, choose seedlings with developed root systems, which are the basis for survival and healthy growth. Relatively speaking, the nutrient pot seedlings have fewer root systems, grow in coils, the root systems of root-controlling pot seedlings are developed, and grow in a scattered manner. After transplanting, new roots can emerge faster. Novice flower friends suggest to choose V 9 pot seedlings as much as possible, easy to survive. Although nutrient pot seedlings are relatively cheap, but if they are not raised or stiff, the wallet and our feelings will be hurt! Time is rushing, time is getting old!

  4, whether it is sick

There are many diseases and insect pests in the Chinese rose. When buying seedlings or after receiving the seedlings, you should first check whether the Chinese rose seedlings carry diseases and insect pests. So as not to buy seedlings with diseases and insect pests, and make other flowers in the house sick.

  5, whether the interval is too long

Flower friends who have bought Suqian nutrition pot seedlings often find that the rose seedlings have very long branches, but they are thin and have long internodes. This is a long seedling that lacks light. Most of the rose seedlings cultivated in Jiangsu adopt matching seedling raising, high temperature and high humidity, shade in summer, the rose grows faster, the branches are long and thin, and the relative resistance is poor, commonly known as "flowers in the greenhouse". It can be seen that the height of the rose seedlings is not a criterion for judging the quality of the seedlings!

3. How to distinguish good seedlings?

What kind of seedlings are good seedlings? Teach you 3 small ways to distinguish.

  1, look at the state of the branches

The surface of the branches looks uneven, with brown tendons, and the branches look old and have a sense of time. New shoots germinated by such seedlings are robust and good seedlings. The branches have short internodes and many leaves. Such seedlings are cultivated outdoors, with plenty of light, good resistance, and strong adaptability.

  2, look at the state of the root system

Rose flower seedlings with many root systems, or thick main roots are ideal good seedlings.

  3, look at the state of flowering

Gallon seedlings can be judged according to the state of flowering and the overall plant type. The flowering is neat and the plant type is beautiful. Learned how to choose strong seedlings, we have to learn to distinguish the true and false seedlings!

I do n’t know if you have worked hard to raise the rose for a year and have a little white flower?