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Prospects for the development of Carnation

Dianthus caryophyllus, the plant is hairless, with diversity, basal leaf grass-like cluster. A sheath is formed at the junction of the stem and the leaf, and the diameter is wider than the stem. The flowers are clustered, the calyx is cylindrical, with a slight contraction at the upper end. Its flowers have veins and veins, diameter 20-3 0mm, dark pink, petals 5, zigzag, usually outdoors, flowering period is from 5 to {{{{4 }}}} Monthly minutes, a period of 3 months. However, many of them are cultivated and watched indoors. Under suitable conditions, the flowering period can be as long as 3 00 days.

It is not a characteristic that the lawn can be stepped on, but it can be stepped on when it blooms. As a new net red in the plant kingdom, it can combine flowering and stepping on both. Moreover, it has good resistance and tenacious vitality. It is evergreen all year round, and the leaves will appear slightly red when frosted in winter. And the flowering period is long, from the end of 4 into the flowering period until the 12 month frost, the flowering period is up to 8 months, the flower clusters are vigorous, the gear-shaped flowers are delicate and lovely, and the flowers are dotted On a verdant green background, a dreamy landscape is formed.

Ou Dizhu has ten beauty, what is ten beauty? Yimei: The green period is long, and the green period is more than 200 days; Ermei: The flowering period is long, and it has been blooming for three quarters of the year; Sanmei: Not afraid of trampling; {1}} Low temperature can naturally open winter in the open air; Wumei: resistant to 42 high temperature; Liumei: resistant to drought; Qimei: resistant to poor soil; Bamei: resistant to pests and diseases; Jiumi: self-growth and recovery The ability is faster and Chengping is faster. It can be planted on a large scale like a lawn, and can form a beautiful ground blanket quickly, and the landscape has a good effect; ten beauty: after planting, it will benefit for many years.

The prospect of the three-dimensional flower bed modeling is optimistic, fast forming, long-lasting, not afraid of the cold, and bright colors, will not appear monotonous. Ou Dizhu green wall will be widely used in highway toll gate exits and some greening nodes in the future. Both the viewing effect and the greening effect are very good.

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