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Anti-season planting measures of hedgerow seedlings

Anti-season planting measures of hedgerow seedlings

  1. Selection of planting materials

Because in the non-planting season, the climate environment is not suitable for the growth of plants, which puts forward higher requirements for planting plants. When selecting materials, try to select those seedlings with better growth conditions. The planting material must have a strong root system and be free from diseases and insect pests.

  2. Soil treatment before planting

In the non-planting season, the thickness of seedling nurses must be guaranteed, and the soil quality must have good permeability and drainage, and be loose and fertile. Before sowing or planting, it is necessary to check and analyze the physical and chemical properties of the soil in the planting area, as well as fertilization and disinfection.

  3. Transportation

Before loading the hedgerow seedlings, they should be wrapped in sackcloth. At the same time, it is sprayed with water to keep the linen with a certain amount of water. In this way, the seedlings will not evaporate much water during transportation. When the seedlings are transported to the planting site, they should be planted in time. In the process of loading and unloading seedlings, in order to prevent the seedlings from being damaged or the phenomenon of loose balls, they should be lightly lifted. For example, in the process of lifting seedlings with soil balls, the soil balls need to be lifted with a rope net, and can not be tied with a rope. During the loading process of the earth ball hedge seedlings, the direction of the earth ball should be kept in the same direction as the vehicle's forward direction. Place the canopy facing backwards. During the long-distance transportation of root seedlings, the root system should be covered and the humidity should be maintained. During the loading process, they need to be placed neatly in order. After loading, the trunk must be tied up and the cushion layer should be added to it, which can reduce the damage of the trunk. For the transportation of flowering shrubs, the truck can be loaded in an upright manner. Bare-root seedlings-must be planted on the same day, from the time when the seedlings begin to appear, it cannot exceed 8 hours. If the planting cannot be done on that day, fake planting is required. After the flowering shrubs with soil balls are transported to the planting site, they need to be neatly discharged. If you can't plant on the same day, you need to keep the earth ball moist.