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The anti-season planting principles of green seedlings in Qingzhou

Nowadays urbanization construction is accelerating continuously. Increasingly higher requirements are also put forward for corresponding greening construction. In order to meet the actual requirements, some greening construction projects need to overcome some unfavorable conditions and implement anti-season planting. This article mainly discusses the research on the anti-season planting technology of green seedlings in Qingzhou, hoping to provide some help for the anti-season planting of green seedlings.

Generally speaking, the suitable planting period is from March to May. But in reality, because of some practical engineering needs, anti-season planting is required. This method violates the natural growth law of plants. Therefore, in order to do anti-season planting, you must learn the principles of anti-season planting, and also learn the corresponding planting techniques, so as to ensure the survival rate of planting.

The anti-season planting principles of green seedlings in Qingzhou

  1. Based on mastering plant growth characteristics

Each green plant has its own growth characteristics. Generally, anti-season planting refers to planting in summer and winter. For which season to choose for planting, it is necessary to consider the local climate and the biological characteristics of the plant itself. In summer, the plants grow vigorously, the branches and leaves evaporate a lot of water, and the root system needs to absorb a lot of water. Therefore, planting trees in the summer should pay more attention to the physiological characteristics of the trees. For greening plants, special attention should be paid to the laws of physiological activities during the growth process.

  2. The principle of timely and proper plant

The climate environment suitable for the growth of various plants varies. Therefore, it is necessary to select plants according to actual climatic conditions. In the selection of tree species, the physiological characteristics of the plants need to be considered. The selected greening seedlings in Qingzhou should be able to adapt to the local soil and climatic conditions. Avoid the impact caused by the growing environment.