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If you also have a pot of sakura seedlings, how are you going to plant them?

Chi Ying ... People who are not familiar with her, will guess at the moment when they hear the name, which kind of cherry is it?

In fact, it is not cherry blossoms! It is a perennial evergreen cold-tolerant herbaceous plant, also known as "Cong Sheng Fu Lu Kao" in Chinese.

Zhi Ying Xiao Miao has the title of "Sakura Sakura", unlike the cherry blossoms on the branches, people look up. It puts effort on the ground and you can see it as soon as you bow your head.

Although it is not real cherry blossoms, she looks like cherry blossoms. They also have 5 petals, and even the outer edge of each petal has a small crack, which is very chic.

In Japan, where cherry blossoms are well-known, it is still very popular, and the two are basically the same.

This not only benefits from her beauty, but also her indispensable characteristics. The creeping growth effect is better when planted in the ground. From the flowering stage, a dream carpet can be easily formed, which can create a more romantic and beautiful environment than ordinary green duvet! A variety of colors of Zhiying interwoven into a beautiful flower blanket

Of course, in addition to being used as a large ground cover, Zhiying can also be dotted between rock gaps or small roads, giving your home garden and garden a beautifying effect of the loess in the open air.

If Zhiying Xiaomiao is a potted plant, popping a pot is also simple. You can put her on a high place, and she will hang down along the edge of the pot to form a beautiful small waterfall.

Whether planted in the ground or in a pot, they can be mixed with flowers such as tulips, bellflowers, dwarf hemerocallis, etc. to form a beautiful flower landscape.

Do you want to know if your area is suitable for growing Zhiying? If you have a pot of Zhiying seedlings, do you want to pot or plant it? Single planting or mixed planting?