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Enter the fun world of watching grass and flowers

The world bag brand Hermes borrowed a lot of elements of ornamental grass flowers in the series of advertisements. It can be seen that it is not only the right of landscape design. The aesthetic consciousness of "the beauty of wild grass" has entered the field of fashion and humanities across the border. The rustic and natural landscape represented by ornamental grass is an exploration of the future landscape by Shui Shi. May wish to follow the editor and walk into its fun world.
Ornamental grass flowers are not "weeds", they are beautiful in form and rich in color, their ears, fruits, branches and leaves are very ornamental, and the landscape value is very high
According to plant height, ornamental grasses can be divided into dwarf, medium-high, and tall types.
Short type: commonly used in flower borders or road border plants
Medium-high type: often planted in clumps, especially in the greening of courtyards
High type: often densely planted to divide space or used as background
It can also be classified according to leaf color and season.
Leaf color: normal color leaf, autumn leaf, colored leaf
Seasonal phase: Seasonal phase features are distinctive, changing from season to season, each with its own color
Ornamental grasses can adapt to harsh drought or waterlogging environments, have strong drought and disease resistance, and low maintenance costs. They play an important role in sponge cities. Anywhere can grow tenaciously
Grow on the roof
Growing on gentle and steep slopes
Grow in water
Grow on abandoned ground
Withered yellow is also beautiful! The yellowing period is an unavoidable problem of ornamental grass flowers! But if they are carefully matched with varieties, considering the various factors of form, flowering period, and venue, the yellowing period will become another beautiful experience. In autumn, the leaves change color and are spectacular. In winter, they do not fall, or stand tenaciously, or sway with the wind. When the snowflakes fall, a novel winter landscape is formed.
Ornamental grass is really not expensive!