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Is there any future for planting green seedlings in Qingzhou?

The editor still has a certain understanding of the problem of planting green seedlings, aimed at planting in rural areasGreen seedlings in QingzhouAre there any promising futures and market prospects for seedlings? Based on years of experience, combined with the actual situation of planting seedlings in rural areas, let's talk about your analysis.

Planting green seedlings is also one of the rural income-increasing projects

At present, the income of growing grain crops in rural areas is indeed low. Seeking agricultural economic cultivation and increasing agricultural income is also the direction of rural development, and green seedling cultivation is also one of them. With the continuous expansion of urban construction, there are also many trees for greening. Therefore, some areas specializing in seedlings have also been achieved. Like Hebei, there are many large-scale seedling bases, mainly in Hebei. There are many trees.

Close to big cities, the larger the scale, the more competitive the market

There is no future for the development of green seedlings in Qingzhou. According to the current emphasis on greening in various places, there is a future, but it also depends on the region and scale. Of course, the closer the region is to the larger cities, the more advantages it has. This is also an unquestionable problem. The second is that the larger the scale, the more competitive, because a single family planting a little green seedlings, it is not easy to find a market, which is also a big problem for many farmers planting green seedlings can not sell.

For individual farmers, if there are no other large-scale green seedlings in the area, there are several households in this planting mode. They also planted their own seedlings according to their own judgment. Bringing good economic benefits to seedling growers, but because of sales problems, farmers who planted green seedlings in Qingzhou suffered losses.