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Ornamental grass flowers began to be active in the urban landscape

With the increasing popularity of rural garden styles, some "weeds" with different ornamental effects have successfully attracted the attention of landscape designers. After careful domestication and breeding, these plants called "ornamental grass flowers" began Gradually active in the urban landscape.
Ornamental grasses are a very large ethnic group, and the ornamental nature is usually expressed in many aspects such as form, color, texture, etc. Their form is very suitable for creating a natural and wild landscape, plus the low growth environment requirements, it is easy to plant So it is more and more loved by people.
The application of ornamental grass abroad can be traced back to the Victorian period. At that time, it was not applied to landscape design, but by painters to describe it in paintings. Later, because of its natural style and wild interest, it was widely used in Western gardens.
In recent years, with the prosperity of China's economy and the increase in people's aesthetic interest, ornamental grass flowers have quietly settled in some parks and green spaces. Such as Miscanthus brevifolia, Carex lasiocarpa, windmill grass, dwarf pampas grass, and stipa, etc. These "weeds" are favored by landscape designers and others because of their advantages that other ornamental plants do not have. Many people may think that the grass is so low that it is not elegant at all. In fact, otherwise, the ornamental grasses are not inferior to the flowers. As long as it is properly configured, different shapes, colors and height differences will make the landscape richer, and at the same time have a sense of uninhibited and free. At the same time, it can also be used as a backdrop for plants. They are usually used at the borders of flower fields, so that the boundaries between various plant species are not so rigid, but a more natural transition.
Some grass colors can also change with the season, from light green in spring to golden in winter, which greatly enriches the color of the landscape. Even in winter, they will not wither like flowers, and these grass gestures are more artistic than other plant landscapes.
If you can wander alone in the middle of watching grass and flowers and calm your restless mind to feel this kind of natural scenery, the novel "wild fun" in nature can only be experienced in it!