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Share a flower-specific flower that is easy to grow

Regardless of whether it is good-looking or good for keeping flowers, for those who like it, they want to know its content very clearly. So the editor is here to share with you some rare flowers and some other kinds of flowers. The main thing is that it is not very difficult to maintain, so as to provide flowers for those who want to grow flowers, but do not have much experience. It is also easy to feed. For this kind of flower-specific flower maintenance, I don't know if it will help you a lot in the flower-growing world, and whether you can find the flower style unique to you here to create your own flower-growing life.
I like to grow flowers, no matter whether it is a large garden or a small garden at home, I hope I can grow a sea of ​​flowers, so this time I will share with you a special flower sea flower that is easy to grow. The time is really pretty. In fact, this kind of flower is Angela, a climbing shrub rose flower, when the flowering amount is large, and the flowering time is not short.
Angela is a pink flower when it blooms. The whole flower type is a cup shape, and it is still a double-flowered flower. The entire flower diameter is not very large, but because of the large amount of flowering, it looks very spectacular. of. This flower can be easily nourished even by novices, and sometimes it can be found that there are more flowers than leaves. And it still belongs to the type of flower that can bloom all year round, but you have to take care of it.
Angela's ability to adapt to the environment during maintenance can be said to be relatively good, and whether it is disease resistance or cold resistance is very good, so even some places in the north can be easily maintained. What do you think of this kind of well-supported flowers for flowers, do you like it?