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What are the characteristics of Holly Euonymus

This article is mainly to introduce the morphological characteristics, growth habits, and garden application of Holly Euonymus. It is actually a common plant in our lives. It also has a name called Euonymus japonicus, which has different names in different regions because of cultural differences. The flowering period of this plant is 6 ~ 7 months, and the fruit ripening period is 9 ~ 10 months. At present, there are such plants everywhere, which can be used for potting and medicinal purposes.

  1. Morphological characteristics: it is an evergreen shrub or small tree of the Populus genus. Branchlets are slightly quadrangular, with dense leaves and a spherical crown. Opposite single leaves, obovate or elliptical, with blunt teeth on the edges, dark green surface, shiny. Cymes are axillary, have long stalks, green and white flowers. Capsule globose, reddish, aril orange. Common varieties are: golden leaf margins, golden dots in the middle, are important leafy plants.

  2. Growing habits: Holly lanceolat is a temperate and subtropical plant that is grown in batches in central and northern provinces of China, and is also distributed in Japan. Hi light, strong shade resistance, suitable for warm and humid climate is also relatively hardy. It requires fertile and loose soil, as well as prunable characteristics, which can be pruned in many ways.

  3. Garden use: brightly colored leaves, fresh green tender leaves, resistant to pruning. It can be planted on the side of the door or in the middle of the flower bed through a plastic ring. In the use of the house, it can be turned into green doors, green walls, or directly potted to watch.

Some of the daily morphological habits of Holly Euonymus have also been learned through the above. In addition, during the planting process, if the corresponding soil water content and our water application are not enough, it is easy to die because of water shortage However, if the water content in the soil is too much, it is easy to cause the roots of the plants to rot and die. This phenomenon is more serious in the rainy season. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt effective improvement programs.