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Zhiying Xiaomiao doesn't look good, you can't keep it

I remember it seemed that in 2005 I went to the Jumeiji Botanical Garden in Jeju Island, South Korea, and I saw a blue ball flower. I do n’t know its name. I only remember its beauty and dream. Later, with my gradual understanding of plants, I learned that this flower is called Zhiying Xiaomiao. What I saw in Korea is one of these varieties, called Endless Summer. It is a flower that blooms in summer. The color also changes, and the acid becomes more, the flower becomes purple, which is so beautiful.

In   2015, I bought dozens of large seedlings and came back to experiment. They were scratchy and half dead. I bought another batch in 2017 year, and the livelihood is not satisfactory. The flowers have been seen in 2018 years, and I think the years in 2019 will look good. The results of it?

Some people say that this flower is really beautiful. Planting a large piece of it will definitely make people like it. More people are not fascinated by it or stop for it. Is it possible to plant a large film? Of course, do you have beauty with quantity? Is this all true? I'm afraid not, why? What did you find in the photo?

Like this, you plant a large piece of nature, but in fact a small piece is not necessarily impossible.

Like this, or like this, let alone a small piece, it's useless just how big it is! If you look at the tragic image of flowers, it will only make you feel distressed, not like it. Why is Zhiying Xiaomiao so miserable?

It has no water to drink, it has to be watered every day; it has no food to eat, and the soil has no fertility. Look at this loess mixed with stones.

Such conditions, such a level of maintenance, can grow beautiful flowers, which is really a weird thing.

You can't say that Zhiying Xiaomiao is not beautiful, it is the hydrangea that the old grandson first planted is not beautiful!